- About The Brand -

The Nectar Story


St. Maarten Nectar was born from our founder’s passionate convictions about natural products and artisan manufacturing. Nalia Muriel arrived to the Caribbean almost 15 years ago when she started to experience a sensitivity to a lot of the products that she had to suddenly use on a regular basis like mosquito repellents and sunblocks.


She started concocting her own formulations and very soon everyone around her would ask about the perfume that she was wearing. She would gracefully answer that it was the mosquito repellent that she was making for herself. Needless to say where this took us but St. Maarten Nectar grew strongly, simply on word of mouth, and today has become the top skin care producer on the island of Sint Maarten which ships their products world wide and carry Sint Maarten’s name beyond borders. 


When you try St. Maarten Nectar’s array definitely you feel the difference. It is the pleasure of contact with absolute quality. Using only time consuming techniques the all female & very knowledgable staff at St. Maarten Nectar formulates, produces, bottles, labels and delivers to you skin care & home fragrance that is hand made with excellence. 

Ingredient Commitment


St. Maarten Nectar is a delicate balance between natural and modern. Just like nectar collected by bees (the raw ingredient for honey) the products created by Nalia Muriel come directly from nature, and are composed of carefully measured natural combinations to enhance bodily health and well-being.


Not to mention, St.Maarten Nectar is also dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients from around the world.  For example, our high-grade pure Argan Oil stems straight from Morocco where it is indigenous, ensuring that only the finest and highest quality ingredients are used in your products.


We hope you enjoy your St. Maarten Nectar experience and we welcome you to our family.


Visit Our Boutique


When on island, you can visit our boutique and laboratory and our friendly staff will guide you and give you a tour of our facilities with a smile. You can also visit the many retailers (pharmacies and hotel boutiques) throughout out the islands or you can shop on-line with the confidence that you know what is on your bottle.

We at St. Maarten Nectar embrace the environment and we want our children to know the world as precious as we know it, therefore we produce in an eco-friendly manner, controlling our use of water and purchasing only pre-cycled and recyclable packaging.