Size: 8 oz / 2 oz. Pure Argan oil.

Pure, edible-grade Argan Oil. Ideal for skin care, hair care or cooking.

Pure Argan oil

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  • Expelled from cold pressing the nut of the argan tree, Argan oil has now gotten his fame for hair care. However little is said about its regeneration and extreme nourishment properties. 

    Our 100% Natural Pure oils are wonderful for body & hair use and even for cooking as they are in their 100% pure form, which means that no other product has been added. This can be used as well as carrier oils, which means that you could add a drop of any essential oil to 2 tea spoons of the oil to create your natural treatment.We highly recommend it while pregnancy for the prevention of strech-marks through out the body specially in the tummy and around the hips area. Moroccan origin.