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"Bug O%™  to the Rescue"

... I was attacked by mosquitoes during the beginning of the second week of my visit. They seem to spot me coming anywhere I go. While on a bus tour around the island, we were taken to the laboratory where St. Maarten Nectar products are made. Hesitant when it comes to using all natural repellents which, in the past, have never worked on me without Deet, out of dire need, and with no other alternative, I decided to try the Nectar product. The next evening when I was sitting out on the patio at the resort the mosquitoes came at me again. I used the Nectar Bug O%™ repellent and to my surprise, I watched as the mosquitoes came close, but never lit on me. Bug O%™ was my "go to" lifesaver thereafter and will be in the future. I also used a small bottle of bite itch relief. The bites that I already had were quickly soothed by the itch relief oil. Before leaving the island, I purchased another bottle of repellent for my daughter who has the same attraction problem. I also purchased other products from the Nectar laboratory and had them shipped. I will be ordering from Nectar from now on. Their products are wonderful and especially good for anyone who has problem skin.      - Lolita A.

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