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"Great products and People!"

Found this sun product at a hotel in St. Maarten last year. Was searching for it this year and realized she had a store. What a treat! Nalia (the owner) was there, explained every product, offered to ship items for us. She is a treat. Her sunscreen, bug repellant, facial care line and body products not only smell amazing but are so wonderful and make your skin feel like never before. Stop and see this store while on the island, visit her website or call her for more information. Love, Love Love this product. - Melanie B.

"Wonderful Store and Owner"

We were leaving St. Maarten the next day on Sunday and wanted to buy something from this fabulous store but they were closed. We called the number on the door and the store was opened within a few minutes. We learned about their natural products and how they are made and tested a few. Be sure to buy the bug spray/itch product. It is amazing. Do check it out when you are in St. Maarten. Excellent products. -BuckhornOntario.

"Natural Bug Repellant Saves the Day"

My 2nd day on the island and I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos; it didn't matter the time of day. I didn't like the idea of putting a lot of regular bug repellant on my skin. While on a tour, other tourists were noticing the amount of bug bites when our tour guide, Noel, took us here. The factory is above the store where they make all of their natural skin products. They make everything from bug spray to massage oils to face cream. The bug spray worked wonders and moisturized my skin nicely and took the redness of the bites away within minutes. I also picked up some face cream and I love it! Glad they ship worldwide! The owner, Nalia, was fantastic. Our tour guide went up to the factory to get her to open the store for us and she was happy to help out. - Lisa V.


"Natural Bug Repellent"

On our most recent trip to St. Maarten, we stopped by St. Maarten Nectar on the recommendation of a friend. We found the store and the selection of products impressive. I would highly recommend their natural bug repellent which we took an extra supply of back to the states with us.  - Brian A.

"Wonderful Organic Products"

We visited the St. Maarten Nectar store on our recent trip to see the island. We were looking for some lip balm with beneficial sunscreen quality. We found it with 35SPF. Also found great suntan lotion. These products are also found in pharmacies throughout the Caribbean islands. A quality product & highly recommended. - 21Traveled.


"LoveThese Natural Products!"

My sister told me about Nectar on our trip last week to St. Maarten, she had been there in February and fell in love with the sunscreen. We went in and I was immediately impressed with the clean and open showroom. The products were displayed beautifully The lady, who's name I can't remember - sorry, remembered my sister and even remembered what she bought! Very impressive. She explained the products to me and had testers for us to try everything. The products smell amazing, are all natural and felt wonderful on my skin. I bought several items and if you spend over a certain dollar amount, they will ship your items to you at no cost. I had some of my items shipped home and kept the sunscreen with me. It worked great except for the day I spent too much time in the sun and couldn't reach my entire back. The "After Sun" lotion worked perfectly for that. I will continue to purchase these products and recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you Nectar family! - Devone C.

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