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Let's Start a MOVEMENT!!!

For decades the island of St. Maarten has been dependent on tourism as a main source of the country’s industry. Most citizens work in fields of service including hospitality, retail assistance, taxi, tour services, activity rentals and entertainment. However, in the past few years there has been a slow moving development of businesses that locally produce globally competitive products, some of which export internationally. As one of these proud institutions, St. Maarten Nectar wants to bring more awareness to the the island’s capability of building a sustainable export industry. Brands like Guavaberry, Etna’s Ice Cream, CANO 100% Natural Dog Care, Popcycle Bar, Soualiga Farms and more have the full potential to be globally recognized and distributed brands. If you feel as passionate about the development of the island’s economy as we do, there are a few small things you can do to help propel this movement forward: When given the option, choose locally produced goods to support your island’s industry. Speak to your friends and family about “We Produce Here” and your favorite SXM brands. Support young entrepreneurs who want to develop their own locally produced brands. And for those of you living abroad, we need your help as well! If you are a fan of St. Maarten made products, inform your local retailers. Together we can encourage a positive change in the development of our economy’s growth alongside the greater goal of providing the world with honest, environmentally friendly, quality St. Maarten products.

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