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St. Maarten Nectar launches Foundation Support program

St. Maarten Nectar launches Foundation Support to benefit local organizations throughout the year.

(Left to right: DJ de Jong, Crystal Webster, Leslie Hickerson, Vanessa Fraser, Candace Canterbury and Nalia Muriel)

St. Maarten Nectar will partner with four local nonprofit organizations to raise funding for their work on the island throughout 2021 in their first Foundation Support Program. The Freegan Food Foundation, Mamma Webster’s Kids, the Nature Foundation St. Maarten, and Safe Haven will all be included as part of the pilot program hosted by Nalia Muriel, founder of St. Maarten Nectar.

Each group will be featured for one quarter of the year at both locations in Cole Bay and Oyster Pond. For each purchase of the St. Maarten Nectar Shower Gel and Shampoo, 50% of the cost will be donated to the foundation chosen for that quarter. The Freegan Food Foundation will be featured from January through March, Mamma Webster’s from April through June, The Nature Foundation from July through September, and Safe Haven Foundation from October through December.

“We’ve always tried to find ways to help but this was really channeling the idea and making a project. Sometimes you want to help but so many things get in the way,” said Nalia Muriel. “We are very happy to be part of this. We hope this shows that there are easy ways for businesses and individuals to support these foundations.” said DJ de Jong of the Freegan Food Foundation who originally came up with the idea.

The funds raised by the Foundation Support by St. Maarten Nectar will go directly towards the efforts these organizations make to help the communities and environment of St. Maarten. Freegan Food Foundation supports communities by distributing free healthy meals, Mamma Webster provides full time care for nearly 20 local children, the Nature Foundation preserves and protects the local environment, and Safe Have provides support and care for those affected by domestic violence.

“We really appreciate the amazing effort made by Nalia, her staff, and DJ de Jong to put this all together. It can be overwhelming when all these foundations are struggling for support to take the first step and start a program like this one. Any support goes a long way to organizations like ours,” said the St. Maarten Nature Foundation.

The newly appointed director for Safe Haven Vanessa Fraser said “Generous support of institutions like Nectar allow our foundations to continue their mission”.

To help support the amazing work these foundations do you may visit either of the SXM Nectar locations in Cole Bay or Oyster Bay, Monday-Saturday to purchase the Foundation Support Sponsored product or purchase online at St. Maarten Nectar provides all-natural personal care products including natural hand sanitizer, reef safe sunscreen, chemical free soaps, shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products.

As the Freegan Food Foundation says, “Sharing is caring!”

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