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Embark on an aromatic journey to lush tropical vistas and blooming botanical gardens, right within the sanctuary of your home or any space you prefer. Our Reed Diffusers offer an exquisite way to infuse your surroundings with captivating scents. They're the perfect addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, and even office spaces, ensuring continuous fragrance diffusion that lasts for a remarkable 5 months!


Choose from an enticing array of fragrances that includes the soothing Vanilla, the exotic Piña Colada, the invigorating Mango, the irresistible Caribbean Blend, and the enchanting Tiaré (Gardenia). For enthusiasts of pure essential oils, we provide Lavender, Lemongrass, and the protective Bug O%™.


Elevate your environment with NECTAR Home™ Reed Diffusers, and transport yourself to a fragrant paradise, regardless of your location.

Caribbean Blend - Reed Diffuser

PriceFrom $28.00
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