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NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ Liquid Castile Soap Body Wash is made from 100% Pure Coconut Oil and enriched with the extraordinary essence of infused Roucou Seeds. This versatile liquid bath wash is your trusted companion for whole-body cleansing, facial indulgence, and hair rejuvenation.


This product's exceptional high-foaming ability sets it apart, creating a luxurious lather that envelops you in pure comfort. Moreover, it boasts an incredibly lightweight texture achieved using no gelling agents or harsh chemicals, staying true to our commitment to purity and quality. Experience the Roucou Seeds' gentle cleansing and the invigorating embrace of their unique properties in one exquisite body wash.


Discover a new dimension of bathing that nurtures your body and senses, leaving you refreshed and renewed.


Fragrance: Roucou (Mild Fragrance)

Size: 16oz (473ml)


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