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Embrace your monthly cycle with our Menstruation Herbal Tea, a blend thoughtfully crafted to provide support and comfort during menstruation. This tea features organic red rooibos, feverfew, yarrow, damiana, nettle, and lavender, all working together to offer a holistic approach to menstrual well-being.


Red rooibos, rich in antioxidants, forms the heart of this blend, providing a soothing and caffeine-free base. Feverfew and yarrow bring their traditional use for menstrual discomfort and pain relief, offering a natural solution for a smoother cycle.


Damiana contributes to hormonal balance, while nettle supplies essential nutrients your body may crave during this time. Lavender adds a touch of calming aroma, making each cup a moment of relaxation and self-care.


Experience the difference our Menstruation Herbal Tea can make during your menstrual cycle. Find comfort, balance, and tranquility in every sip, and empower your body to embrace this natural process with ease. Make it your monthly ritual, and let nature support you through the journey.

Menstruation - HERBAL TEA

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