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Sailing to Sun-Safe Success: NECTAR's Ongoing Support for the Caribbean Foiling Competition!

Ahoy, NECTAR enthusiasts! As the wind whispers through the sails and the sun dances on the waves, we're thrilled to announce another fantastic year of sponsoring the Caribbean Foiling Competition. Brace yourselves for a thrilling journey into the heart of foiling excitement, where NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ proudly takes the helm, safeguarding participants and onlookers alike with our acclaimed 100% Natural ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS.


The Caribbean Foiling Competition has become more than just an event—it's a celebration of wind, water, and unbridled passion for foiling sports. We eagerly set sail on this nautical adventure each year, witnessing steady trade winds, crystal-clear waters, and an average temperature of 25°C—a perfect recipe for spectacular racing conditions.

Championing Foiling Diversity:

What makes the Caribbean Foiling Competition stand out is its unique approach to unite various foiling disciplines. From Kitefoil to Windfoil and Wingfoil, the competition transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle of skill and innovation. It's a melting pot of waterborne artistry, where competitors push the boundaries of what's possible on the waves.

NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ Ongoing Commitment:

As a brand deeply rooted in the natural beauty of the Caribbean, NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ continues to champion the spirit of adventure and well-being. Our unwavering commitment to the Caribbean Foiling Competition stems from our desire to protect participants, and onlookers from the powerful Caribbean sun.

ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS: Your Guardian at Sea:

Enter our sun and eco-safe hero—NECTAR Skincare from Plant™ 100% Natural ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS. Crafted with care and precision, these sunblocks offer optimal UVA/UVB protection, ensuring that everyone under the Caribbean sun enjoys the competition without compromising their skin's health or the environment as they are also biodegradable making them safe for our ocean reefs. From athletes conquering the waves to spectators soaking in the excitement, ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS has become an integral part of the foiling experience.

Closing Thoughts:

A Journey Beyond Sport: More than just a competition, the Caribbean Foiling event is a celebration of passion, community, and the beauty of the Caribbean. NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ is honored to be part of this journey, where our ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS become the silent guardians, allowing participants to shine without fear of sun damage.

As Caribbean Foiling organizers embark on another year of foiling adventures, NECTAR Skincare from Plants™ invites you to celebrate the Caribbean Foiling Competition next year! Witness the breathtaking stunts, feel the thrill of the race, and bask in the radiant Caribbean sun—all while knowing that NECTAR's ROUCOU SUNBLOCKS have got your back, ensuring you stay sun-safe throughout the competition.

So, whether you're a seasoned foiler or a curious spectator, come aboard and be part of the sun-safe spectacle. The Caribbean Foiling Competition awaits, and NECTAR is ready for another year of foiling success!

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